Customized production


We manage all or part of your project with a full
or à la carte service.

We assist our customers with the development of their own brand with a private label in France and abroad.


We are the proud and trusted partner and subcontractor of recognized brands for hygiene products, automobiles, biocides, food, and cosmetics.

Our multisector experience and expertise, gained over more than 70 years, enable us to offer innovative formulas inspired by nature that meet your needs.

Our custom manufacturing activity benefits from our expertise as formulator, manufacturer, and packaging supplier. With a high-performance industrial site, we offer a wide range of containers for aerosols and liquids (doses, bottles, jerry cans, drums, etc.).



We are committed to proposing formulations with the most respectful raw materials for humans and nature.

This environmentally friendly approach is certified by labels that confirm our commitment:



We manage all or part of your project with either full or à la carte service.


Our France and export sales teams offer personalized expertise for the development of your own private label according to your specifications.

A single contact person is dedicated to monitoring your project and assisting you from design to delivery of the finished product.


Your detailed brief including market, targets, pitch, packaging, and environmental certification ensures we fully understand your needs for formulation and packaging so we can prepare the most pertinent solution :

  • Full service : We develop a unique product that reflects your brand from start to finish - from formulation to the final product.

  • A la carte service : For example, packaging your bulk product in aerosols.


Our lab designs formulas specific to your B2C or B2B market. We consider all the necessary technical and regulatory constraints from conception to the final product.

Our R&D team conducts tests for :

  • Formula stability
  • Compatibility between container and contents, product strength
  • Effectiveness including comparison with market targets, persistence tests, performance tests, etc.

Samples are sent to you for testing. We collect your feedback and make any adjustments before the product validation stage.


Our project team offers a solution in line with your needs and your technical and design criteria and constraints.

Packaging :

  • Single doses, bottles, cans, drums, containers
  • Aerosol cans : tin, aluminum, shaped cans

Our propellants :

  • BSA, propane, dimethyl ether
  • Technical C02, nitrogen, nitrous oxide
  • Food C02, food-grade nitrogen


Our integrated design studio creates and adapts your graphics which are then checked and validated by our specialized department for regulations compliance.

Our graphic designers customize your product to match your brand’s image or adapts your graphic identity to the packaging you choose to optimize the finished result.

We can organize for your labels and boxes to be offset printed for an excellent aesthetic result.


Our 16 production lines cover an area of 33,000m². We have capacity for consecutive series from 1,200 to 100,000 units in volumes ranging from 16ml to 1,000ml for aerosols and from 20ml (single doses) to 1,000L for liquids.

Our packaging lines are automated and equipped with cutting-edge technology, giving us manufacturing flexibility with production capacity of tens of millions of products each year.

Our plant in Blyes in the Ain department of France is home to production lines entirely dedicated to food, cosmetics, healthcare and veterinary products.