Environmental commitment


Our select raw materials that are respectful for humans and nature. This environmental approach is certified by labels that prove our commitment.




ECOCERT is a French certification body which labels products with the same name. Certified products contain at least 95% natural ingredients processed in an environmentally friendly manner. Synthetic perfumes and dyes and silicones are prohibited in their composition.
Our range includes products under several standards, including Eco-Detergents and Scented Candles.


Ecolabel is the only official European environmental label recognized in all EU Member States. The label guarantees high standards for reducing the impact of products and services on health and the environment, while meeting demands for high performance.
We formulate products in the hand-dishwashing detergent and surface cleaning products ranges.

AMM/AMMS: (simplified) marketing approval

We have developed a range of disinfectants based on lactic acid with unique advantages:

  • Formula with 100% ultimate biodegradability
  • No petrol products or chemical additives
  • 0 pictogram, 0 risk phrase
  • Handling without PPE
  • Food contact


In France, the AB logo guarantees organic products in compliance with Europe’s organic regulations. All products with these labels are certified by a body such as Ecocert which checks production practices for conformity with pertinent regulations.
We offer products covered by the Condiments and Seasonings standard.

As a formulator and packager, we strive to preserve the environment and minimize our carbon footprint!

This approach is reflected at every step of the product life cycle: from the selection of raw materials to the choice of packaging and the reduction of pollutant emissions.


Raw materials

Our raw materials are selected according to stringent standards. We carefully check raw materials on arrival to ensure optimal quality for our clients and formulas that are safer for your health and the environment.

Air quality

We work to continuously improve our manufacturing processes to reduce their environmental impact. This includes treating our VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) at source to reduce pollutant emissions as much as possible.

Preserving water and soil

We strive to preserve and protect water and soil. An evaporator-concentrator treats our industrial wastewater, considerably reducing the quantities of waste generated.

Reasonable energy consumption

We have rationalized and optimized our energy consumption at the Blyes site. Fossil fuel energy has been replaced with cleaner, environmentally friendly energy sources.


All our packaging is fully recyclable and we are constantly working towards eco-designed packaging.

  • Completely recyclable cartons, cardboard boxes and lids
  • Cardboard boxes made with recycled paper