Who are we?


Manufacturing and packaging aerosol and liquid products since 1949, S.I.C.O. offers rich experience and leading expertise for the professional market through its private labels and as a subcontractor.

As a custom manufacturer, S.I.C.O. manages all or part of your project, from the idea to the finished product. Our R&D laboratory creates innovative and natural formulas adapted to your needs.



With international ambition and a specialized export service, S.I.C.O. has expanded to the French overseas departments and territories, throughout Europe and Africa.

With strong activity in European markets such as Switzerland, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands, S.I.C.O. continues to develop in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Romania and Poland.

We also work closely with our overseas customers on the African continent : Tunisia, Morocco, Côte d'Ivoire and Burkina Faso.




Creation of Laboratoires Michel in Saint Egrève (38)

Founded by René Michel, father of the current director Richard Michel, the company specialized in cleaning products and insecticides.


Creation of SICO

The core business developed into formulation, manufacturing, and aerosol packaging.
At the time, the business was exclusively focused on subcontracting.


Launch of the SICO brand

With strong expertise in custom manufacturing, SICO launched a range of professional products for wholesalers and local authorities.

The KING, PUCK and U2 brands were created in 1984. The SOPROMODE brand, dedicated to calls for tender, was acquired in 1990.


The second plant in Moirans (38) was opened and the liquid activity launched.

SICO transferred the head office to Moirans in 1995. A plant for liquid packaging was created on the same site. With the launch of this new activity, SICO developed new expertise and diversified its product range.


    The third site in Blyes (01)  was launched in 2014.

    In 2014, SICO expanded with the opening of a third plant in the Plaine de l'Ain industrial park in Blyes, the first to be certified ISO 14001 and registered in the EMAS (Environmental Management Audit System).

    With the opening of this site, SICO joined the leaders in the cosmetics, veterinary and food sectors.


    The fourth site was opened in Voreppe (38)

    SICO acquired 3 buildings with 4,000m² in the Centr'Alp business park.

    The new site includes a liquid product manufacturing facility and storage space for finished products.


      Esprit familial

      A family spirit

      Developed over three generations, SICO is proud to preserve a strong family spirit.

      Today a father and daughter team - Richard and Eva Michel - strive together to innovate and grow SICO while preserving the soul of a family-run concern.

      Qualité et Innovation

      Quality and innovation

      Our R&D teams combine solid experience with innovative approaches to meet environmental challenges and adapt and anticipate market demand.


      Community interest

      SICO supports several international humanitarian associations by donating healthcare and hygiene products.

      In 2021 we donated several thousand products to Secours Populaire and the Agence du Don en Nature among other beneficiaries.

      Sports sponsorship

      Sports sponsorship

      A long-standing partner of FC Grenoble Rugby, SICO also sponsors Les Brûleurs de Loup Hockey Club.

      SICO has been a partner of Team Mirage Racing since 2021. We fervently share the values of these sports : courage, respect, team spirit, and personal growth!