Super-strong odour destroyer eucalyptus

  • A24481
  • KING
  • 750ML

For a sophisticated, lasting effect.

  • Super strong: one spray is enough!
  • Odour destroyer
  • No wet residue
  • Rare and delicate fragrance
  • Eucalyptus
  • High performance

Product details

Eucalyptus fragrance (made with natural essences *): An ode to freshness intertwining the green and lemony notes, enhanced with. delicate woody and aromatic.


King Parfum de France air fresheners have sophisticated fragrances, blending familiar and exotic scents for an elegant indoor perfume. Dry air freshener with no wet mist: a fresh feeling with a pleasant fragrance. Press once on the powerful diffuser for intense freshness. High content of neutralizing absorbent ingredients. *Partial synthetic content.


• washrooms, toilets, bathrooms,
• restaurants, hotels
• offices
• waiting rooms
• schools
• clinics, hospitals, etc.

Instructions for use


Spray upwards. Just one spray is enough to eliminate odours in a 25m² room i.e. 60 m³. Aerosol for treating 1,000m² i.e. 2,500m³. Equals 10 traditional aerosols.



Presentation: Aerosol can
Pack size: Carton of 12
Tin can Diameter: 65mm Height: 300mm
Nominal volume: 1,000 ml/Net volume: 750ml
Pallet size: 720 units – 60 cartons

Dangerous. Follow precautions for use. Refer to the safety data sheet (SDS). Available on request. Our data sheets are prepared with current knowledge and subject to modifications. Photo nonbinding 02/02/2023 Index 1.2