Hydroalcoholic gel 50 ML Valve lid

  • A19246
  • KING
  • 50 ML à clapet

Hygienic and surgical handrub sanitizer.

  • Clear and unscented
  • No need to rinse or dry hands
  • without perfume
  • Active against enveloped viruses

Product details

Disinfectant properties in compliance with standards at 20°c, clean condition:


  • Appearance: Crystal clear gel
  • Odor: Alcohol
  • pH: 6 +/- 0.5
  • Viscosity 20°C: 1500+/-200 cPo


Hydroalcoholic gel for external use, intended for quick hand disinfection. Use on clean dry hands. No need to rinse or dry hands. No irritations for skin contact.

Recommended within the medical field (hospitals, medical institutions, dental care centres, school, kindergarten and nursery sick rooms) or veterinary field (surgery and veterinary clinics). Effective against enveloped viruses like Coronavirus and its variants, H1N1 etc.

Instructions for use

Hygienic handrub: 3 mL on the hands and rub until it has completely evaporated (minimum 30 seconds).

Surgical handrub: 2 x 3 mL in 2 x 30 seconds. This means 3 mL (refer to page 2 of packaging) into hand and rub until it has completely evaporated (minimum 30 seconds). Then repeat.

Stage 1: Palm to palm.
Stage 2: Right palm on the back of left hand and left palm on the back of right hand.
Stage 3: Palm against palm with fingers interlaced.
Stage 4: Back of fingers against opposite palm with fingers interlocked.
Stage 5: Rotational rubbing of thumb clasped inside left palm and vice versa.
Stage 6: Rotational rubbing in a backward and forward movement with clasped fingers of right hand in left palm and vice versa.

At the end of stage 6, repeat the sequence of the same stages appropriately until the specified washing time has ended.


  • Presentation: 50 ML container
  • Pack size: Carton of 24
  • Pallet size: 8640 units 360 cartons

For individual and professional use.
Biocide category: TP1, human hygiene.
Dangerous. Follow precautions for use. Use biocides with precaution.
Read the label and other information about the product before use. Refer to the safety data sheet (SDS). Available on request.