Silicone cleaner

  • A02399
  • U2
  • 500 ML

For dusting and giving shine to smooth surfaces.

  • Powerful dust remover
  • Wax

Product details


Removes dust and gives shine to all smooth surfaces, waxed and unwaxed (plastic, leather, imitation leather, wood, etc.).
This polish is very rich in silicone and is a powerful dust remover.

For the home: varnished and waxed furniture, musical instruments, metal furniture, kitchens, tables, wood or rattan chairs, faux materials, etc.
Antistatic for the computer area: seat, mat, etc.

Instructions for use

Shake before use.
Spray evenly on the surface to be treated from 20cm away, paying more attention to the dirtiest spots.
Leave to dry for a few moments and buff with a soft cloth.


  • Packaging unit: 500 ml aerosol
  • Sales unit: Box of 12 units
  • Tin can Diameter: 65mm Height: 195mm
  • Nominal volume: 650 ml/Net volume: 500 ml
  • Pallet size: 1080 units – 90 boxes

Dangerous. Follow precautions for use.
Refer to the safety data sheet (SDS). Available on request.